Agile, high-performance global connectivity

Grow your network and open new markets

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Optimised, secure data connectivity, with real-time service assurance and fully-managed delivery. Cost-effective, scalable and with the ability to reach any location, we extend your network, help you capture value, and reach new markets. We solve networking challenges and help build your business through close collaboration.


Secure, reliable, SLA-backed solutions for direct connectivity to mobile network operators, direct from our data centres. Cost-effective, scalable and with 99.999% availability, SNS helps you reach a global network of partners.

Layer 2

Global private transport to protect your traffic with flexible, scalable MPLS routing and SD-WAN control. Optimised resilience, latency and performance to meet your service and traffic demands.


Consultancy to deliver custom connectivity and hosting solutions, with the performance you need. From private circuits to fully managed services, we meet the most demanding requirements.

Use cases

  • Content provider

    Content and applications partners, such as video and gaming providers, can benefit from direct interconnection with the mobile edge, allowing faster access to key services with low latency connections. SNS helps mobile operators deliver better customer and service experience with secure private interconnect.

    Content and applications partners, such as video and gaming providers, can benefit…
  • Direct

    Data hubs can be convenient, but sometimes you need to build direct interconnections with key partners. SNS provides custom-built interconnection, with optimised performance. Our solutions offer variable QoS, so you can obtain the latency and throughput you really need.

  • Interconnect

    When operators grow their footprint, they often form new direct relationships with partners. They need secure, private connections to home-route the traffic from the local network to the home core, with complete traffic isolation. This is bread-and-butter for SNS.

  • Private mobile
    data backhaul

    Customers, such as MVNOs or roaming partners, need secure private data backhaul directly from the GGSN node in serving mobile networks. SNS can establish dedicated network connections to enable GGSN offload, direct to partner networks and data centres.

  • Remote

    MNOs and MVNOs building out network partnerships, sponsored IMSI and roaming agreements need to be sure that remote services deliver the right Quality of Service. SNS helps you to create a footprint of SIM test sites to assure your coverage and connectivity.

  • IMSI sponsored

    IMSI sponsoring helps MVNOs and MNOs to offer new, cost-effective roaming services in remote locations via preferred operator partners with established regional connectivity. SNS enables direct connectivity for enhanced service performance and to grow your network.

  • Custom network

    Building out networks is costly and complex. SNS offers a completely custom service that benefits from our wealth of partners and interconnection options to deliver a bespoke network solution that supports your traffic and service demands, anywhere you need it.