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Interconnection and data backhaul

Secure, private backhaul and data aggregation and flexible interconnection solutions to grow your network

options with
signalling backhaul
and control

To grow your footprint, you need to build new, direct connectivity relationships with partners. SNS has got you covered

Secure, private connections

Home-route your traffic from the local network to the home core, with complete traffic isolation.

Point-to-point connectivity

Data aggregation from multiple sites to a single international backhaul route or connect multiple networks to your core.

Privacy and protection

Backed by SLAs and proactive assurance monitoring, SNS connectivity is based on the latest MPLS and SD-WAN technologies.

Connect assets and partners

We help operators grow and consolidate their networks with complex, customised connectivity – made simple by our team.

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Enterprise cyber protection must be led by cyber best practice

Industry-leading backhaul solutions

Backhaul from anywhere to anywhere

Take any two locations, and we’ll connect them - across fragmented archipelagos or to the most remote network partner

Managed service from SNS

SNS designs and delivers a complete managed service, helping you get to market fast and grow your services quickly and efficiently.

Backhaul from home to partner

Get fully protected, secure international interconnection either intra-country or internationally – backhaul to home networks from partner operators.

Expert, agile project management

Optimised, assured connections and rapid rollout and activation – delivered by expert, agile project management that complements your team.

Find out how we can protect your business

Our extensive security solution portfolio neutralises threats and provides continuous assurance. Discover more with our team.

SNS in numbers

Optimised, reliable and secure global connectivity


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Our network is reliable and robust


Internet exchanges
To keep you connected


Tier 1 IP Transit operators
To give you global reach


Long haul international circuits
To help you grow your footprint

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