Inter­connection and data backhaul

Secure, private backhaul and data aggregation

When operators grow their footprint, they often form new direct relationships with partners. They need secure, private connections to home-route the traffic from the local network to the home core, with complete traffic isolation. This is bread-and-butter for SNS.

Data backhaul

Custom point-to-point /point to multi-point connectivity

Whether you need data aggregation from multiple sites to a single international backhaul route, or if you need to connect multiple networks back to your core, SNS can help.

Fully backed by SLAs and proactive assurance monitoring, with the privacy and protection you need, our connectivity is based on the latest MPLS and SD-WAN technologies.

Connect your assets and partners

We help operators grow and consolidate their networks with complex, customised connectivity, across fragmented archipelagos or to the most remote network partner.

Take any two locations, and we’ll connect them. Our experts will design and deliver a complete managed service, helping you get to market and grow – quickly and efficiently.

Backhaul from anywhere to anywhere

  • Fully protected, secure international interconnection
  • Connect any locations; intra-country or internationally
  • Backhaul to home networks from partner operators
  • Optimised, assured connections
  • Rapid rollout, rapid activation
  • Expert, agile project management to complement your team