Facilitating remote SIM coverage testing

Ensure effective service quality and coverage

As MNOs and MVNOs build out network partnerships, sponsored IMSI and roaming agreements, they need to be sure that remote services deliver the right QoS. SNS helps you to create a footprint of SIM test sites to assure your coverage and connectivity.

Expert consultancy

Consultancy to position and deploy test solutions

Your remote SIM testing depends on optimum selection of sites and locations. We help you plan deployments and installation, position antennae and ensure effective performance.

We will deploy, host and manage new remote testing sites for cellular network systems, allowing you to monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark performance, wherever you need it.

Networking and data centre expertise

Our unique combination of networking and data centre expertise ensures smooth performance and continuous operation for your test solutions and deployed devices, 24x7.

We provide RF expertise to deliver effective, real-time connectivity in any environment, procuring sites, providing coverage, with managed co-location enabling effective reporting.

Confidently maintain global service quality

  • Project scope, definition and delivery
  • Site procurement and assessment
  • Obtain infrastructure for remote service verification
  • Private network interconnection with secure connectivity
  • Delivery to any location and data centre
  • Custom solutions to meet your unique needs