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Protect your data with security solutions from SNS

Our network is secure by design – and we also offer options to help you protect your data from external threats. Explore our security solutions and choose the right approach for your business

Multi-level encryption
POLP protection
Malware analysis
Our secure network

The SNS network is equipped with a wide range of end-to-end security measures to keep your data flowing, providing the best option for your business

Multi-level encryption

All SNS network links and connections are securely encrypted so you can be confident in your protection against traffic analysis threats.

Rules-based firewalls

SNS firewalls restrict network traffic to the minimum necessary for business operations, working hand-in-hand with POLP configurations.

POLP protection

The Principle of Least Privilege is applied, which means user access rights are restricted to only what’s essential for a given role and job function.

Best practice assured

We follow NIST best practice and NSA guidelines, permitting only strong passwords, taking regular backups, and implementing security at all levels.

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Security options and enhancements

In addition to our default cyber-security measures, SNS offers a range of dynamic tools and options to complement our services

Intrusion prevention

Network traffic can be continuously monitored so that suspicious or anomalous traffic can be detected and immediately blocked.

Application tracking

Obtain statistics regarding bandwidth consumption and flows, correlated with users to ensure compliance with business policies.

URL filtering

Prevent access to unauthorised websites and domains with active monitoring and real-time control, with full logging for administrators.

Malware analysis

Static and dynamic analysis of files and attachments, across different operating systems to identify and block malicious content.

Encrypted traffic analysis

Automated analysis of encrypted traffic, based on Machine Learning, metadata, connection patterns and more, identifying and blocking threats.

Cloud-based automation

Scalable to all your network and devices, with advanced STIX/TAXII capable processing and flexible policy control, even for your IoT devices.

Find out how we can protect your business

Our extensive security solution portfolio neutralises threats and provides continuous assurance. Discover more with our team.

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Swiss Networking Solutions AG appoints new CEO to expand global connectivity services for MNOs, MVNOs, service providers and enterprises

16th October 2023 – Swiss Networking Solutions AG (SNS) today announced the appointment of industry expert Mr. Nicola Berardocco as CEO.  Mr Berardocco has more than 25 years’ experience in mobile innovation and building carrier relationships. He is also CEO of Telecom26, another Swiss-based company that specialises in global connectivity for enterprises.

October 16 2023