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Private mobile data backhaul

Add a new service or network partner quickly and easily with traffic routing from the GGSN in serving networks to your private data centres and networks

Private SIM and IoT traffic

Point-to-point data traffic routing

SNS helps you to interconnect securely with new network partners and enables remote data collection and backhaul for IoT and other traffic

Data aggregation at the remote GGSN of your host or roaming partner

With secure data routing to your private servers via our network.

Additional security for demanding applications

That require segregation for sensitive data, across multiple sectors, such as healthcare.

Unlock data connectivity to remote networks, quickly and easily

SNS takes care of the routing, while you build your partner base.
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Deliver consistent QoE performance for content and services by dire...
Secured data backhaul from mobile networks

Our footprint means we can handle traffic collection and routing from any onshore and offshore location, allowing you to address a huge and growing opportunity for private data access.

GGSN interconnection with secure global routing

Private data centre interconnection and delivery with full traffic isolation and VPN tunnelling for your traffic.

L2 and MPLS managed connectivity

SLA-backed and proactive service assurance for selected IoT and data traffic, from any remote partner network.

SNS in numbers

Optimised, reliable and secure global connectivity


Uptime for the past 5 years
Our network is reliable and robust


Internet exchanges
To keep you connected


Tier 1 IP Transit operators
To give you global reach


Long haul international circuits
To help you grow your footprint

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Deliver consistent QoE performance for content and services by directly and securely interconnecting OTT application partners from outside your network

Increasingly, the world wants to consume more and more content--from games to movies to music to the latest social media meme--on mobile. But if you aren't doing everything you can to eliminate low latency, you risk frustrating them, and your content partners. What can SNS do to help? Turns out, quite a lot – with secure, private connectivity from your network to your content partners.

October 23 2023
2 min read

Swiss Networking Solutions AG appoints new CEO to expand global connectivity services for MNOs, MVNOs, service providers and enterprises

16th October 2023 – Swiss Networking Solutions AG (SNS) today announced the appointment of industry expert Mr. Nicola Berardocco as CEO.  Mr Berardocco has more than 25 years’ experience in mobile innovation and building carrier relationships. He is also CEO of Telecom26, another Swiss-based company that specialises in global connectivity for enterprises.

October 16 2023