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Enterprise connectivity solutions for your business

Comprehensive internet access and connectivity for enterprises, with mobile network redundancy. Our Console Server service for out-of-band access to your data centre delivers secure disaster recovery options

Single or multi-site connectivity

LTE backup options

Dedicated data centre access

Smart Net from SNS

Full-service internet access, with packages for 1 or 10Gbps connectivity – and single or multi-site access

Single or multi-site

You can connect one or more sites, with a cost-effective solution to suit your business. Inter-site connectivity is also available.

Choose your bandwidth

Choose from 1 or 10 Gbps to support your users and employees, with options for 1- or 3-year contracts.

LTE backup

Redundancy can be obtained with our optional LTE backup option. This provides continuity of service in the event of any fibre disruption.

Flexible support

Benefit from real support, from our expert, experienced team. Smart Net from SNS means you can enjoy the best service and managed connectivity.

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Secure multi-site data connectivity from SNS

Customised enterprise connectivity

Options to enhance your connectivity

SNS provides a comprehensive range of options that can be used to tailor and optimise services to support your unique needs

Fixed / public IPv4 / v6 addresses

Allow customers or your users to access your network remotely from public networks, with a choice of v4 and v6 static IP address ranges.

Secure connectivity services

Choose from Core or Premium secure services, with options for remote firewall and rule management, plus Juniper security licenses.

Cloud connectivity

Obtain direct, secure low-latency access to your cloud services through Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect and more.

Premium onsite

Take advantage of an SNS managed firewall service, deployed on your site, with complete rule management, and advanced security options.

Self-security management

Available to customers on Premium security tiers, the self-security option allows users to manage their own firewall settings.

Custom solutions and options

Obtain specialised services and build out packages based on tailored options and configurations, backed by our integration team.

Our Network

Assured, 3GPP-compliant connectivity to your international roaming partners so you can benefit from more cost-effective roaming services via preferred operator partners with regional connectivity. SNS enables direct connectivity to your partners.

Disaster recovery services

Console Server service

The Console Server provides cost-effective disaster recovery solution with wireless backup, enabling remote access to your terminal servers

Protect your business

Direct access to your data centre with LTE wireless backup to minimise downtime and reduce costs in the event of service disruption.

Ensure access to terminal servers

Your terminal servers are key to protecting devices and servers on your network. Secure remote access is essential.

Enhanced security

The Console Server can only be accessed by authorised personnel, in-line with your security policies, reducing risk.

SNS in numbers

Optimised, reliable and secure global connectivity


Uptime for the past 5 years
Our network is reliable and robust


Internet exchanges
To keep you connected


Tier 1 IP Transit operators
To give you global reach


Long haul international circuits
To help you grow your footprint

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Deliver consistent QoE performance for content and services by directly and securely interconnecting OTT application partners from outside your network

Increasingly, the world wants to consume more and more content--from games to movies to music to the latest social media meme--on mobile. But if you aren't doing everything you can to eliminate low latency, you risk frustrating them, and your content partners. What can SNS do to help? Turns out, quite a lot – with secure, private connectivity from your network to your content partners.

October 23 2023
2 min read

Swiss Networking Solutions AG appoints new CEO to expand global connectivity services for MNOs, MVNOs, service providers and enterprises

16th October 2023 – Swiss Networking Solutions AG (SNS) today announced the appointment of industry expert Mr. Nicola Berardocco as CEO.  Mr Berardocco has more than 25 years’ experience in mobile innovation and building carrier relationships. He is also CEO of Telecom26, another Swiss-based company that specialises in global connectivity for enterprises.

October 16 2023