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Optimised connectivity for content partners

Optimise connectivity for content and application partners with traffic routing from the GGSN to networks and private data centres

Directly connect your OTT partners and enhance service performance

SNS helps mobile operators deliver better customer and service experience with secure private, QoS-assured interconnect to the mobile edge

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Meet SNS at MVNOs World Congress to learn how we are helping MVNOs ...

High-bandwidth, low-latency connections

Deliver better experiences with Content Providers

Deliver consistent QoE performance for content and services by directly and securely interconnecting OTT application partners from outside your network

Build out an ecosystem of connections to offload traffic

Interconnect with key content partners to meet customer demand and differentiate service performance with resilient, dedicated routes and circuits.

Create new monetisation opportunities

Enable the right connection for the required performance – backed by SLA guarantees, 24x7 monitoring, and proactive service assurance capabilities.

Deliver consistent QoE
We offer QoS so operators like you can do the same for your clients, delivering the outstanding experiences they demand.

L2 and MPLS

Guarantee network performance with L2 and MPLS managed connectivity for optimised service delivery and connectivity.

Secure, controlled networks

Optimised performance and proactive assurance, with traffic segregation and security from the ground up – giving you the control you need and protecting your traffic.

And, of course, PBR

SNS delivers policy-driven routing and secure delivery as standard, allowing you to select the best routing options.

SNS in numbers

Optimised, reliable and secure global connectivity


Uptime for the past 5 years
Our network is reliable and robust


Internet exchanges
To keep you connected


Tier 1 IP Transit operators
To give you global reach


Long haul international circuits
To help you grow your footprint

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Meet SNS at MVNOs World Congress to learn how we are helping MVNOs to build their business with IMSI sponsorship, connectivity and more

At Swiss Networking Solutions (SNS) we provide a range of services specifically designed for MVNOs (and MNOs) who need to build out their network reach, forge new partnerships and rapidly enter new markets.

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