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Enhanced connectivity for

SNS offers a range of solutions that help you manage costs, obtain enhanced connectivity, launch eSIM offers and more – boosting your MVNO business

IMSI rental or leasing
IMSI sponsor partners
Managed services for MVNOs

Flexible connectivity options to extend your reach

Benefit from our enabling solutions

With our flexible, assured connectivity options, you can build new IMSI sponsor relationships and take control of remote SIM /eSIM fleets

IMSI Rental

IMSI rental or leasing allows MVNOs to collaborate with SNS to benefit from IMSIs from MNOs with which SNS has an existing IMSI sponsor relationship.

IMSI Rental Enabling

With the IMSI rental enabling option, SNS helps MVNOs as the systems integrator to build out and configure network connectivity with the MNO IMSI sponsor partner.

IMSI Enabling

If you want to forge a relationship with a new IMSI sponsor partner, SNS can act as your integrator to help you efficiently build out the connectivity you need.

SIM Backhaul

Securely route traffic from your remote SIMs directly to your infrastructure, or access them remotely from your internal network – across multiple SIM fleets.
IMSI Services enabled by SNS
Extend your roaming partnerships with IMSI sponsorship

Building mobile network connectivity for a global MVNO – Telecom26

Learn how we help MVNOs

IMSI rental options

Benefit from access to our partners

Leverage our growing range of IMSI sponsor partners or build entirely new relationships and connections

End-to-end support with IMSI sponsors

Connect to new IMSI sponsor partners, so you can offer lower roaming prices to your customers and enhance packages for different regions.

Managed services for MVNOs

We help you with IMSI sponsor partner selection, contracts, integration and interconnection, enabling you to launch new offers.

Secure your billing relationship

We handle the technical aspects and connectivity to your IMSI sponsor partner, while you create a direct contractual relationship and retain ownership.

Flexible service assurance

Choose the right SLA for your business, with up to 5x9s reliability, 24x7 support options, and geographical redundancy for service resilience.

Signalling and data connectivity

End-to-end signalling connectivity can be enabled via Diameter or SIGTRAN, while L1/L2 services with MPLS / SD-Wan can also be provided.

Tailored pricing and contracts

By choosing the solution you need to match your infrastructure and requirements, SNS offers flexible pricing and contracts that suit your business.

IMSI Sponsorship

Assured, 3GPP-compliant connectivity to your international roaming partners so you can benefit from more cost-effective roaming services via preferred operator partners with regional connectivity. SNS enables direct connectivity to your partners.

eSIM enablement for MVNOs

Launch eSIM services for your customers

SNS offers a complete range of eSIM enablement solutions for MVNOs, allowing you to rapidly launch eSIM propositions and services

Launch friction-free eSIM services

SNS eliminates the complexity of launching eSIM services for you and your customers, with easy on-boarding and activation.


Fully compliant with GSMA requirements, our eSIM enablement packages allow you to deliver profiles to IoT and personal mobile devices.

A complete eSIM platform, customised and delivered

We support SM-DP, SM-SR, bootstrap, and operational profiles – allowing you to use your profile or deploy our multi-IMSI eSIM profiles

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Tier 1 IP Transit operators
To give you global reach


Long haul international circuits
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