Connectivity to sponsor IMSI partners for MVNOs

Build out your international coverage solutions

IMSI sponsoring helps MVNOs and MNOs to offer new, cost-effective roaming services in remote locations via preferred operator partners with established regional connectivity. SNS enables direct connectivity between MNOs for enhanced service performance and to grow your network.

Support sponsored partners

Control and manage remote partner connection

Confidently build out your network of sponsored partners with secure, private connectivity to guarantee service performance, optimised to match your portfolio and offers.

SNS provides custom point-to-point interconnection and routes, with fully managed service assurance and traffic isolation, helping you to make the most of IMSI sponsor partnerships.

End-to-end global solutions

SNS delivers a complete end-to-end service, designing the right route to build out your roaming network, avoiding the hassle of managing and negotiating complex agreements.

We help you quickly and easily create routes to your preferred roaming partners, anywhere you need it, with differentiated, managed performance to ensure profitable service delivery.

Secure worldwide coverage

  • Directly interconnect with any MNO IMSI sponsor
  • Leverage our existing set of IMSI partners
  • Quickly and easily leverage new network coverage opportunities
  • Obtain better rates and commercial agreements
  • Proven, fully assured, optimised and managed
  • 3GPP compliant, end-to-end service delivery