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14 Jun 2024

Meet SNS at MVNOs World Congress to learn how we are helping MVNOs to build their business with IMSI sponsorship, connectivity and more

At Swiss Networking Solutions (SNS) we provide a range of services specifically designed for MVNOs (and MNOs) who need to build out their network reach, forge new partnerships and rapidly enter new markets.

13 Jun 2024

Using eSIM as a route to enhanced customer loyalty

Why has the world gone e- (embedded) SIM mad?

5 Jun 2024

Deriving maximum value from IMSI sponsorship

IMSI sponsorship can be a very valuable source of both differentiation and profit for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). Why: because most MVNOs are tied to the roaming offers and packages available from their host MNO, which means that they may be uncompetitive in some regions. Their MNO partner may not offer the best rates for some regions. If you’ve built your business by targeting specific segments, this might be a problem further down the road for you.

22 May 2024

Securely interconnect and leverage private interconnections to your preferred content partners

Secure connectivity really matters. After all, as a market-leading MNO or MVNO, a key part of your USP is that you will always deliver consistent QoE performance.

17 May 2024

How can service providers get started with eSIM?

The route of travel is clear: driven by a need for flexibility and easier management, both operators and mobile users want to progress beyond the physical SIM to digital/embedded SIM. As there is also a growing set of eSIM use cases—especially in IoT and in next-gen transport—now is the time to make the transition… but how to do it right? MNOs and MVNOs like you are finding the eSIM onboarding service from SNS the best answer.

23 Oct 2023

Deliver consistent QoE performance for content and services by directly and securely interconnecting OTT application partners from outside your network

Increasingly, the world wants to consume more and more content--from games to movies to music to the latest social media meme--on mobile. But if you aren't doing everything you can to eliminate low latency, you risk frustrating them, and your content partners. What can SNS do to help? Turns out, quite a lot – with secure, private connectivity from your network to your content partners.

16 Oct 2023

Swiss Networking Solutions AG appoints new CEO to expand global connectivity services for MNOs, MVNOs, service providers and enterprises

16th October 2023 – Swiss Networking Solutions AG (SNS) today announced the appointment of industry expert Mr. Nicola Berardocco as CEO.  Mr Berardocco has more than 25 years’ experience in mobile innovation and building carrier relationships. He is also CEO of Telecom26, another Swiss-based company that specialises in global connectivity for enterprises.

9 Oct 2023

Do you need to backhaul traffic from remote mobile sites and networks to your own data centres?

Work with SNS to obtain dedicated, high-speed connectivity to remote sites in other networks and benefit from secure backhaul and offload for your data traffic.

2 Oct 2023

What is IMSI sponsorship – who needs it, and why?

Work with SNS to extend your roaming business.

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