Meet SNS – a personal view from our CEO

Building networks, building trust.

Welcome to Swiss Networking Solutions. If you haven’t heard of us, I’d like to take the opportunity to personally introduce us to you. Thanks to our agility and flexibility, we’ve rapidly become a trusted partner to Tier 1 and other communications service providers. We listen to our customers, understand your needs and find solutions that fit. That’s our commitment to you.

At SNS, we provide the agility, expertise and resources to enable complex connectivity challenges to be solved, quickly and efficiently – which means our partners can confidently build out their network reach, forge new partnerships and rapidly enter new markets.


Agility and time to market are critical - a new network model

We are transparent and totally focused on solving your problems. We own the connectivity and work hand-in-hand with you to extend your reach, profitably and securely.

SNS offers a new model that helps to increase reach, agility and ability, enabling you to secure new opportunities with personalised solutions - making it easy for your business to grow.

By reducing service activation costs and accelerating time to market, SNS helps you win new business, deliver new solutions and expand your markets, leveraging our proven partnerships and MNO connections.