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Are you able to connect to new partners for your IMSI sponsorship business?

It can be hard for enterprises and mobile businesses to reach IMSI sponsors. Working with SNS is much smarter.

25 Sep 2023
Are you able to connect to new partners for your IMSI sponsorship business?

So, you’re an MNO that wants to offer IMSI sponsorship to mobile service partners. The question is, are you set up to handle all the often complex connectivity and technical aspects of IMSI sponsorship?

If you’re not, you’re limiting all the potential returns you could be getting from onboarding new customers for your IMSI sponsorship offers. Work with an expert partner like SNS to get started – and benefit from delivering IMSI sponsorship services to service providers.

We offer a fully managed service that means we’ll solve all your IMSI sponsorship problems — from all the backend interconnection hassles to matching you to customers.

We call this our ‘Hub,’ which is our term not for any middleware but for the growing club of providers and customers mutually seeking and benefiting from great roaming opportunities.

That means the SNS Sponsored IMSI Hub therefore enables operators to more easily offer IMSI services to new partners.

It allows independent service providers to access a network of sponsors while the expert SNS team manages the process, the onboarding and the troubleshooting (and all the technical and interconnection requirements).

And it also means you can concentrate on forming the commercial relationships with your new partners — and even better, we can do this not just for Mobile Network Operators, but MVNEs and Service Providers, too.

Let’s see how.

A complete end-to-end IMSI sponsorship connectivity service

So, SNS helps you build a new sponsored IMS business. We take care of the connectivity and complexity of integration, and manage the connection for you, so you can cut straight to creating a direct billing relationship with your new IMSI partners.

As a complete end-to-end IMSI sponsorship service, know that we will be handling all your:

  • end-to-end signalling connectivity (Diameter or Sigtran)
  • end-to-end data connectivity and capacity (up to 10Gbit/s)
  • L1/L2 services (MPLS / SD-WAN)
  • all your voice service options.

The SNS IMSI Sponsorship connectivity services also come with QoS prioritisation for signalling traffic, and full geographic redundancy between IMSI sponsor operator partners and your facilities.

You also have the peace of mind to know that you will also be benefiting from SLAs with up to 5xNines reliability and 24x7 support options.

SNS: our connectivity and integration capabilities support both IMSI sponsor and your partners – for the complete service lifecycle

What might all this look like in practice? There are essentially two main uses cases. First, helping MNOs to build out and grow their own sponsored IMSI businesses or, second, helping other service providers connecting to IMSI providers. And of course, both complement and build on each other, leading to more opportunity.

In the first scenario, you as the MNO get a request to provide IMSI leasing. We would immediately step in and act as your full IMSI sponsorship systems integrator and connectivity provider, building and managing the connection from your network to your new partner.

Once you reserve and allocates the requisite network resources for this third party, the SNS team will manage all onboarding and maintain/support service connectivity… meaning all you must do is monetise the connection and bill your new customer.

In the second scenario, SNS will work to get potential customers interested to have IMSI sponsorship from one of our existing partners and, once interest is secured, bring the customer to you. You then make the commercial offer for the IMSI, and as soon as your new  customer signs the IMSI Sponsorship arrangement with you, we will build all the IP and signalling interconnection needed. And hey presto, the customer is free to start leveraging new roaming possibilities and markets for its existing or new end-users.

In one recent engagement, for example, we helped an Asia Pac MNO quickly meet a request for IMSI leasing from one of its regional customers. As we said, SNS is operating as the referenced system integrator who will support both the MNO and the customer across the project.

But partnering with SNS also means that this MNO can meet not just this specific demand, but benefits from business we bring to its door—essentially funnelling demand to you as an IMSI provider. In this case, SNS connects customers who want IMSI deals in the geography our MNO customer works in with the operator who wants the sponsored IMSIs, which is then able to draw up the right commercials. And as SNS handles all the back-end IP and signalling interconnection to make it work, a profitable and reliable service is soon up and running that pleases all stakeholders.

Move your IMSI opportunity forward with SNS

IMSI sponsorship is a key business for SNS, and we are actively adding more MNOs as sponsors to the Hub.

There is a compounding effect in doing so, as SNS and our MNO partners keep finding more customers that need sponsored IMSIs -- so we all grow the Hub and enable more service providers to reach IMSI sponsors while building new revenue streams for all stakeholders.

If that sounds exciting to you, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about securing you place in the SNS IMSI Sponsorship Hub.

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