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Do you need to backhaul traffic from remote mobile sites and networks to your own data centres?

Work with SNS to obtain dedicated, high-speed connectivity to remote sites in other networks and benefit from secure backhaul and offload for your data traffic.

9 Oct 2023

Why do you need remote data backhaul and offload?

Remote data backhaul is a way of bringing specific data from one network to another. Hardly new - but it’s a function that’s likely to be increasingly demanded, for a variety of reasons. That’s because service providers and enterprises see opportunity.

On the B2B side, low latency is increasingly highly desirable for a huge range of commercial applications: in finance, both high-frequency trading (HFT) and algorithmic trading, but also for mission-critical scenarios in energy management and for pushing data from a mobile network directly to a cloud or application provider.

Point-to-point high speed data transmission like this is the future of a lot of digital experiences. In the B2C/consumer universe, it’s going to be how superb video game and entertainment experiences will be delivered, which matters given how important online gaming and content consumption is right now. Content providers will increasingly seek such connectivity, so that traffic can be delivered directly to their servers

Yet another compelling reason for routing around the public network is when a service provider would like to see critical and secure data isolated from spying eyes. If traffic is particularly sensitive, then routing it via secure backhaul from one network to your own data centres across dedicated private connections makes a lot of sense.

And, with the rise of EDGE computing, the need for such connections is likely to surge. That’s because EDGE applications typically demand the lowest levels of latency, or specialised processing, so streaming data directly to the servers required is essential – bypassing the network of the operator in whose network the devices that require EDGE processing are located.

How can you obtain customised remote backhaul connectivity?

So, for whatever the reason, building out connections to remote networks and elements within those networks can deliver significant benefits. But achieving that can be difficult, as there may be many steps to build out the connectivity required from, say, a remote GGSN to a private data centre in another country – or, in the case of 5G, perhaps from a distributed UPF.

The good news here is that SNS has the full ability to deliver the connections you need to support backhaul from the remote site in any country to your data centres, or any other required point. And of course, that covers both your customers’ private SIM traffic and that ever-rising stream IoT data.

What we do is design an end-to-end connection using our networks and partners that meets the needs of the applications you wish to serve and process in your data centres. We take care of the data backhaul – and, as our footprint means we can handle traffic collection and routing from any onshore and offshore location, you can focus your resources on running your applications and processing the backhauled traffic.

So, if you are a service provider or enterprise – or content partner that needs remote backhaul connectivity to different MNO networks, we’ll help you build out the secure, high-speed links you need to extend your global reach.

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